Social Impact

We want to enable every European citizen to observe and critically reflect on the current state and the trends in the European company landscape. Thus, we hope to create more transparency between companies and citizens. Hence, we explicitly invite journalists to try out our platform.

At the same time, our paid B2B customer prediction service and other applications alike will contribute to the growing together of the European market. These applications will lower transaction costs, match supply and demand more effectively, and unleash growth by creating new business opportunities.

Commercial Need

The increasing harmonization of the joint European market multiplies the bulk of potential new B2B customers for many products. At the same time, open and public information about potential business partners becomes abundant. On the other hand, many products become increasingly complex. Consequently, it is vital for B2B marketing and sales to find intelligent ways to deal with information about potential customers. Current research gives us the tools to develop and maintain complex algorithms to automatically analyze large quantities of information. We were able to develop an algorithm that identifies new potential B2B customers based on many inputs, such as company metadata, structured information from various sources, and the textual content of company websites.

Our application can substantially reduce costs of searching for new customers. Simultaneously, due to its computational power and analytical intelligence, our software can unveil new business opportunities, which otherwise would remain unknown. Our approach is particularly effective in the context of converging European markets.

Consider a British start-up doing consulting for companies interested in the use of renewable energies. It could reliably find new potential customers in Germany without speaking a word of German, without searching the internet manually, and even without explicitly defining a good customer. Instead, our application would recommend potential new German customers to the start-up based on its existing British customers.


We maintain one of the largest data platforms with pre structured company information in Germany. This data asset is generated by crawling public company websites 24/7 and the application of advanced statistical text-mining techniques on that content. Then our users can analyze statistical similarities between companies to get recommendations for future clients or existing segments within their CRM systems. The big data and analytics service and our focus on the German market makes us a stand-alone player in this industry.